Welcome to The Painted Porch!

Join our Community to Design Your Blueprint for Prosperity, Fulfillment, and Success.

Why Join?

Become the Architect of Your Life by designing your Blueprint for mastering the power of your mind, the confidence of your communications, and the strength of your teams & relationships - in life, at work, and anywhere in between.

What We Do

The Painted Porch Strategies' Community is dedicated to showing you ways to:

  • Become resilient, mindful, and capable of handling any challenge
  • Communicate confidently and effectively
  • Create supportive, connected, and collaborative relationships and teams
  • Find calm and peace among the chaos life can sometimes throw at you
  • Stand strong in your True, Authentic Self

What's a Painted Porch?

No, this isn't a community focused on home remodeling. Though, you could say we ARE like a DIY resource for renovating and revamping your mindset and mental resilience, the impact of your communications, and the strength of your relationships and teams.

The Painted Porch was where the ancient philosophy of Stoicism began.

Through its four key principles: Reason, Logic, Purpose, and Virtue, we'll explore ways for you to infuse them into each element of your life, to guide you through your transformative journey from stressed, dissatisfied, or struggling to Eudaimonia (aka the Good Life).

Join us on The Porch

Our community includes people of all ages, backgrounds, experiences, and ambitions. Through monthly challenges, a virtual book club, and whatever random ideas we (and you!) come up with we offer support, encouragement, and guidance on how to design a blueprint for a life well-lived - mindfully and with clarity, confidence, influence, and connection.